How to take care of outdoor furniture?

• Furniture should be stored when not in use. • Use an umbrella or patio cover as protection. • Use a UV protection spray on furniture • Loose bolts, nuts and screws must be tightened. • Use a silicone lubricant on all hinges and wheels to avoid rust. • A non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner is best to clean soils and stains. If you don’t have one, use water to wash it off and clean it with a dry, soft cloth. • To maintain the condition of wicker furniture, it is best kept under the shade. In addition, soak it in water once a year to replenish the moisture. Wicker furniture should be washed periodically. • The best way to care for cushions is by having them cleaned and vacuumed. To prevent fading, store them indoors during off seasons.