How lighting can change a room

We often associate ambience with lighting. So if you’re looking to change the character and atmosphere of a restaurant, lounge, apartment, balcony or patio area, it’s important to consider how lighting can play an important role.

When a room is flooded with heaps of natural light, people are likely to feel happier and more upbeat, whilst dark spaces on winter days can leave people feeling lethargic or sad. Lighting has been proven to have a noticeable effect on our moods so it’s naturally one of the most important aspects of interior and exterior design. Whether you’re keen to add accent, mood or task lighting, it’s important to consider how soft the lighting should be, as well as the colour, whether that be deep orange, yellow or white.

Our intricate rattan style lighting options are perfect for creating a homely, natural ambience. With many of our lamps, the synthetic rattan works to diffuse the light so that it’s warm yet soft, but able to gently spread throughout the room.

It’s also true that lighting can make a room feel smaller or larger. For example, if you were to add lighting higher up on your walls, those who enter the room will likely gaze vertically, rather than horizontally. This tricks the mind into thinking the room is larger than it actually is and recessed lighting can have a similar effect. Lighting should always be seen as part of the ‘bigger picture’ when designing a space, working with colours, room sizes, the availability of natural light and furniture selection.