Mission: Brightening up the outdoor environment with the presence of our products, to make people enjoy soaking up the sun or dream under the stars.

One idea that we share is feeling compelled to lighten up the moods of people. Everyone seems too busy to take a break. That is why we do and what we do, to create tools that attract people to kick back and relax.

Since 1983, our founders lead us with a simple concept: thoughts are never limited, and it is our passion to realize and present it to the world. This is how it attracts a team of people that has the same
interest to make imagination come alive.

Our slogan, “naturally inspiring” depicts the vision that we share on exploring the outdoors that is overlooked. People need to reconnect with mother nature, and we transform this idea into things that will make them appreciate it much more.

SJY team works hard in producing aesthetically appealing, comfortable, ergonomic and most importantly, quality outdoor pieces. Every product, with durable material properties, is carefully selected and tested by our lab experts to withstand outdoor weather condition.

Where magic happens…

Other than our 35-year experience of plant manufacturing and expert workmanship, we put our customers first by giving you the freedom to choose the colour of furniture, making sure you get the look that you aspire to have. Your buying experience is enhanced as we leave the process of mixing and matching to you, in achieving your dream look for your outdoor space.

We dream to… where?

create a special connection with people, to have our products grace the homes and buildings around the world, and we aim to continue making more outdoor moments happen.

Transform your outdoor space with us. It’s easier than ever.


Excellent Workmanship

With meticulous workmanship and excellent training in tow, our team is fully equipped in producing creative handwork through the products.

Passion for Aesthetic

We are very particular about every detail of our product, especially in making them look beautiful and we make sure that aspect shines through!

Quality Assurance

Quality is the most essential criteria to be evident in every piece of our product. We take the matter of quality very seriously. Our drive is our clients, and we only generate the best.

President Recognition

Our very own Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad agrees that we are an excellent company in producing great furniture and it is forever commemorated in a compliment letter.

Our products delivered to *





and still counting!

* This number has been estimated based on global sales since 1/1/16